Shoes Contribute to Climate Crisis – Coupons can Help

A few months ago, Peter Brabeck- Letmathe, the former CEO and current chairman of Nestle, came under a lot of heat because of his suggestion that water should be privatized. While this is an encroachment upon the most basic human right of all times, this issue also brings one of the biggest impending disasters into limelight. Water shortage today is a real problem, with scientists stating that more than 750 million people do not have access to clear drinking water. Of all the dangers that we believe are just waiting to happen, water scarcity is the one that very few people take seriously enough.

While working with the youth organization called the Energy Action Coalition, I came across several journals that emphasize on the eco-crisis that we are facing today. The future does not bring any good news in sight. The global climate is changing. And it is rapidly morphing as the temperature rises too quickly. Over centuries, our dependance on carbon fuel is finally playing the death knell loud and clear.

Green House Effect

The overall greenhouse effect is causing a spike in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and this is causing the polar caps to melt. Scientists anticipate that if the polar caps melted entirely, all the clear freshwater will mingle with the salty sea water to create a concoction that we couldn’t survive on at all. Rather, it will risk tainting the fresh water sources we still count on today.

Energy Action Coalition

Our Energy Action Coalition is a youth-led movement that aims to popularize the need for clean energy and helps influence the climate change for the better. This organization usually works on a youth platform while networking amongst the young members of society and gaining massive support from various campuses and youth groups. Our work has been brought to effect on the global scale, and we have multiple international projects where we contribute to make this world a safer and better place for all.

We also collaborate often with We Are Power Shift. This is an organization that works at the grass-root level to bring about a massive change over time. It creates a proper forum for people to come discuss and share their experiences and stories. It also allows people the space they need to operate as a successful think-tank in order to come up with some genuine ideas that will help shift the climate conditions of the world to a better spectrum.

These organizations have also carried out extensive research to see how we use up so much of water.

An average shoe manufacturing company in the market uses as much as 8 tons of water to make only one pair of shoe. Unbelievable, huh?

How the Shoe Industry Contributes to Climate Change

This is indeed quite bad news if you consider there are 30,000 shoe stores in the US alone, and that only Adidas make 258 million shoes annually. A lot of resources and energy is used to produce this amount of shoes, resulting in the release of greenhouse gases, mainly vapor water, carbon dioxide, and methane. CFC (1,1,2-Trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane), a synthetic compound that destructs the ozone layer, has been used as a material in shoe soles. Green house gases act like a blanket, causing the atmosphere to retain heat, a process known as greenhouse effect, to which scientists attribute Earth’s recent climate changes.

In 2010, the average American household spent $1,700 on footwear and related products. The footwear industry is growing 4.1% a year. When you add up all this you get the size of the pending environmental crisis.

The answer to this problem lies in investing in companies that rely on cutting edge technology to use less resources while multiplying the output. There are several eco-friendly, water recyclable methods that can be utilized to make shoes without endangering the overall supply of water.

6pm Shoes: The Eco-Friendly Way

We had to draft reports on several shoe brands that focus on using clean energy and recycled water to manufacture shoes. While doing my research, I came across the fashion store online called 6pm. This site is quite well known for housing different products which are based on these eco-friendly, clean energy process of manufacturing. Their leather shoes are made with less water source, and yet the result is absolutely stunning. Not only are the shoes beautiful and classy to look at, but they are extremely durable and functional without fail. makes it one of their priorities to make this world a safe place for us and our descendants, and this is why they go the extra mile to use safe methods that pay off in the long run.

Corso Como 6pm discount code

One of their eco-friendly brands—the Corso Como—supports the hand-made boutique art that has almost gone out of style due to mass producing and competing manufacturing giants. The shoes of this particular brand are hand-assembled and are made out of recyclable tissues and boxes. Corso Como helps in furthering various social and environmental causes where a portion of every sale is given to charity. These gorgeous wedge sandals are discounted by 60%. Many Corso Como products are currently on sale or you can use a 6pm promo codes.

In the same way, the brand named Soybu uses eco-friendly fibers that are extremely stylish and durable. Soybu literally means “peace” which attracts goodness into our lives, and this company lives its motto for sure!

Apart from their shoes, I am also a big fan of Big-Buddha bags which are made out of nature-friendly means which do not destroy the environment. These bags are beautiful and turn heads wherever I go while carrying them. This was truly one of the best buys of this year for me.

Vivo barefoot at a discount

If you are looking for some eccentric and yet hundred percent genuine shoes, try out the Vivibarefoot on This brand sells amazing shoes at a great price, and the manufacturing process is clean and absolutely non-toxic for the environment. They are also made with locally sourced materials, and they are all produced in independent factories which support ethical methods only. This blue Vivobarefoot Ultra L is at a 32% discount. Alternatively, use a 6pm coupon code.

Scientists are already aware that we are entering the 6th mass extinction phase. The last phase had happened on a global scale about 65 millions of years ago, causing the extinction of dinosaurs. More and more species are going extinct quite rapidly, and at this rate, human beings will start to suffer more after three more generations. While we do have a chance to revive our environment by trying to reverse the toxic human activities which affect the environment, we need to act faster or else we will lose our window of opportunity. We all can support this movement. Take a step at a time, say no to pollution and dirty energy. Support youth activism against climate change. Buy from these eco-friendly brands at, and you can do your part to save the environment. Some of these brands are also offering exciting discounts. You can also use the 6pm coupon codes to land great sales!