Adidas Recycles Ocean Plastic Waste with New Shoe Release

Adidas is doing something pretty cool for the environment. They will make fibers from ocean plastic waste, and they will use it to produce shoes and clothing.

People treat oceans like trash bin and they dump everything in to it. What’s interesting thought is that according to the latest estimation, around 80 percent of marine waste originates on land and most of the waste is plastic. Marine plastic waste has become a tsunami to the mankind and it pollutes the oceans and waterways. It creates severe problems on the economy and environment of people. Marine plastic wastes are eaten by whales, seabirds, sea turtles and other marine life. These animals then die from starvation, intestinal blockage and choking. Now, scientists are investigating the impact of toxic pollutants in the ocean, and the shoe company Adidas is making a very smart move.

Plastic pollution affects every ocean, sea and waterway. Damage of water system is a great hazard to the mankind. The taxpayers and local governments also need to spend a huge sum of money to clean this trash off the streets and beaches to protect the health of public, avoid lost tourism revenue from filthy beaches, and prevent flooding from trash blocked in water and sewage drains. Now, the world famous sportswear manufacturer, Adidas is also entering in to this field to save the environment and protect the health of people. Adidas has started its initiative to take out plastics from the ocean and produce shoes from it!

Adidas’ Commitment to Create Sportswear from Marine Plastic Waste

Adidas shoes from plastic waste

The German Sportswear firm Adidas is working hard to clean up the plastic from oceans. For this objective, they are using marine plastic waste to produce footwear. Adidas is undertaking this initiative with the partnership of the Parley for the Oceans initiative. So far, marine plastic waste has been used for the manufacturing of surfboards and soap bottles, resulting in some decrease in ocean waste. But with the release of a new prototype sneaker woven shoes, disposal of trillions of ocean plastic wastes is possible.

Ocean Friendly Shoes from Adidas

Adidas is planning to make sportswear from gillnets. These are fishing nets that act as a wall and they easily trap and kill all fish that pass by. It is not easy to find these types of nets. Adidas expects that 110 days expedition is required to locate illegal poaching vessel. Gillnets and other ocean wastes are used for making the top part of the shoe, while, the base part is made by using environmentally friendly materials. With this initiative, Adidas strongly believes that the company can reduce ocean plastic wastes considerably. These wastes are now creating lots of environmental problems.

Adidas also aims to phase out plastic bags from its 2,900 retail stores, which spread around the world. Parley for the Oceans is a team of musicians, artists, architects, journalists, fashion designers, directors, actors, scientists and product inventors.

The ocean pollution problem cannot be solved by one or a few individuals. Instead, all people around the world should try their best to solve this problem and save this ecosystem. Everyone has the responsibility to participate in this mission. Recycling plastic and using it into shoe production is the biggest objective of this program. In order to change plastic and intercept the plastic trash, Parley for the Oceans has introduced a new technology. Plastic, in its current design, causes major threats to the environment. This material should be reinvented to end ocean plastic pollution.

These interesting shoes from recycled plastic will be available in the market by the beginning of 2016. You can buy them in major online athletic stores like Finish Line. You can also order them online from Click on the image below to learn more about and

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