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Regional Summits

Thousands of young people will rally across the United States this Fall for the Power Shift '09 Regional Summits: 11 massive gatherings to exercise the political power of young voters and ask President Obama and Congress to pass a clean energy jobs plan by December to rebuild our economy, end our dependence on dirty energy, and bring America lasting security.

There couldn't be a more important time for these summits; the Senate is working on much needed climate and energy bill and President Obama needs such legislation to head to Copenhagen this December with the tools necessary to lead the world toward a fair, ambitious & binding global treaty. The dirty energy industry is spending millions of dollars and countless hours lobbying to prevent the passage of meaningful policy and a transition to a clean energy economy. There is only one thing that can cut through the influence of these special interests and politics as usual; YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE US!!!

The Power Shift '09 Regional Summits will remind the nation that when young people voted in record numbers in 2008, it was only the beginning. This will be our opportunity to speak directly and powerfully to the Senators working on federal legislation, and they will be our opportunity to come together as a movement and craft our plan to win.

Click below to learn more about each of the Summits, including how to get involved, what's happening at the Summit, and how to register.

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